DevOps and Software Consultant

Consulting services

Adds value through software solutions,
software integration and automation

Continuous Integration

Applies linux services, container technologies and revision control for improved software integration. Together we extend and improve your existing release flow by optimized use of tools, cloud og software features providing more time for product development.


Extends and adds automated software infrastructure, improving software quality and removing manual workflows. Automates work flows by use of scripts, linux services og cloud solutions.

Infrastructure as Code

Structures and optimizes workflows by use of revision control and configuration management software. This allows for a faster and easier development workflow, supporting the transformation of software throughout the process, from beginning to packaging into the finished product.

Data processing

Optimizes, creates parsers, produces and analyzes data. Works with debugging data, test data, product data and development data in order to provide better knowledge of the product.

C++ udvikling

Provides multi-platform C++ software development. Designs, structures, debugs and optimizes C++ applications and applies tools and methods to obtain faster and more compact software solutions.

Product development

I assist in software product development. Based on my analytical skills, the services I provide and your needs we work together to fulfill your goals and product development.

The Team

Brian Jensen

CEO, consultant

CEO of my sole proprietorship since 2020, providing DevOps and software consulting. When I am not working for customers I develope private projects which can be found at